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Facetime with a Native Speaker
Without Leaving Home

Program Details

Utilize SLB’s online live Chinese practice to keep your Chinese channel open and push it moving forward to a higher level of Mandarin proficiency. This program aims to get you feel comfortable, confident and passionate about Chinese language learning.

Ideal for students whodownload flyer
  • - Are taking Chinese lessons at school, but don't have many chances to practice speaking.
  • - Need someone to help you review school lessons or assist you with homework.
  • - Speak basic Chinese or have taken at least one semester of Chinese lessons.

  • Who is your Facetime partner?
  • - Your Facetime partner is a Chinese student of your age.
  • - They are selected from a school that we have been partnered with in China or Taiwan, either a public or private school, and not a random person on the other side of the world.
  • - Their different personalities and experiences make the facetime session unique and interesting.

  • Program Setting
  • - Your monthly session includes eight (8) sessions at twice a week.
  • - Four session are dedicated to Chinese conversation, another four are dedicated to English conversation. So that students of both sides are benefited.
  • - Each session is 30 minutes. You choose a preferred day and time in advance, and are able to make a time change on a monthly basis. Email us 48 hours in advance for such a change.
  • - You have the choice to do as short as one month or long as six months.

  • What do we do to ensure you have a safe and pleasant online experience?
  • - SLB will work with the teachers/group leaders of both countries to setup the exchange program
  • - SLB will pair students of both countries per their time preferrence, age, gender etc.
  • - Anwser questions and solve problems that maybe raised during the process.
  • - Follow up student progress.
  • - Rotate your facetime partner to make the experience richer and a more diversifiable personal interaction.

  • After the program, students will be able to
  • - Understand the tones of and get used to talking to a native speaker.
  • - Use the language to be creative.
  • - Incorporate high frequency linguistic patterns.
  • - Expand cultural knowledge.
  • SLB-Facetime Exchange Program