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Camp in China

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Camp in China Overview

5,000 years of history has made China one of the world's most ancient civilizations. Its mystery, majesty and traditions have made it extremely diverse and magnificent. Its unparalleled growth over the past three decades has also made it a rising power and influential country in the world. Because of these facts, understanding China is essential to embrace the future in an ever globalized world, and learning Chinese is a necessity to stay competitive for young people.

Plan ahead for an unforgettable summer

International Youth Maker Summer Camp

The first and the only one of the kind! US teens and young adults will build confidence and leadership by teaching Science and English to Chinese children. Supported and sponsored by The Guangdong Society of Education and Guangdong Science Center, the joint-venture summer program invites you to travel to China at a fraction of the cost! Sino Language & Beyond education team warmly presents this unique and inspiring International Youth Maker Summer Camp to US teens and young adults to experience the country first-hand and up-close.
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International Youth Music Carnival Summer Camp

Meet friends from all over the world who share your interests in music! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, celebrities in the field of arts are gathering to Hong Kong to perform on this world stage. And you will be able to join them!
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