Sino Language


Exciting event that created by our team with

the aim of enhancing participants' culture

understanding and worldview expansion


We are grateful that all sessions of 2009 summer camp have ended successfully in the shadow of swine flu outbreak. To celebrate Sino Language's 7th remarkable year and to continue our effort of bringing the best China experience to worldwide youth, a video competition "My China Experience" will be broadcasted on KMT32 TV station in the Bay Area in the Fall of 2009.

  • Video Competition on TV

    "My China Experience" video competition on TV is designed to encourage appreciation of Chinese culture, discovery of shiny, tiny things in students' trip to China, and reward those whose talents never fail to impress audience. It is for students to understand, accept, and appreciate a different culture is a crucial component of the cherished tradition of American education. Travel abroad broaden and deepen students' educational experience. More