Sino Language


What people are saying about us


Stacey Morse, Hong Kong

The methodical organization and level of information truly allayed any fears we might have had about sending our 15 year old daughter to Beijing...

Millie Jasper, Yorktown Heights, NY

We have had such a wonderful experience with SINO. Lily is going to be a senior in High School next year and we want to send her back to China one last time this summer... More

Norah Edelstein, Topanga, CA

Adam has never been to a camp where I have seen him smiling so much. You did a great job and the DVD is a treasure... More

Corinne Hartman, Mill Valley, CA

Geoff had a wonderful month in China, and had so many great stories, memories and photos to show us... More

Karen Tseng, Cupertino, CA

My daughter knows more than me now and she is very enthusiastic about learning Chinese, I am so proud of her. Her enthusiasm in leaning simplified Chinese was really sparked by Sinolanguage camp... More

Jessica Chen, 14, Brookly, NY

I wanted to tell you what a rewarding experience I had. The kids I taught really connected to us and... More

Jessie Wu, Sugar Land, TX

Only couple hours after her arrival, I can feel she is happy, very comfortable with the environment...with no doubt, SLG programs will be the first choice for me to plan for my kids in next summer... More

Dean and Nancy Manuele, Palo Alto, CA

Dean and Nancy Manuele, Palo Alto, CA... More

Rosemary du Plessis, Cape Town, South Africa

Yes Justin did have a wonderful time and his tutor (at home) is very impressed with how much he learnt... More

Olga Alexander, Houston, TX

My daughter Cristina had a wonderful experience and learned a lot, not only did she improve her Chinese language skills and... More