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How it works

Facetime with a Native Speaker,
Without Leaving Home

How it works

In the challenging time of COVID-19 when you can’t take a trip abroad, you may continue the cross-culture & language personal interaction via SLB’s Facetime Exchange Program. Our extensive network of partner schools in China and Taiwan brings native speakers to you within electronic reach. Follow the simple steps below to start facetime exchange with a same-age Chinese speaker at a safe online environment now.

SLB's Facetime Exchange Program is a group program that offers one-on-one facetime experience to each individual member. Each group requires a minimum of 5 student participants. A contact person is needed who could be a teacher, a parent, or a private group leader.

Step 1: The group leader contacts SLB and helps us understand your group, e.g. age, level of Chinese, expectations, etc.

Step 2: Have every participating student submit a signup form.

Step 3: SLB will start working on pairing the US students with a group of students in China or Taiwan, and will provide the Chinese students information to the group leader.

Step 4: US students download the social media app such as WeChat or Line and get themselves familier using it.

Step 5: At the time of the individual student's selected timeslot, start the app and enjoy talking to your Chinese counterpart.

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SLB-Facetime Exchange Program