Sino Language


At Sino Language & Beyond, we do not

only offer US-China exchange programs

to students, but also to school leaders

- the US superintendents and principals.

The 1st annual Summer Professional Development Program for K-12 Leaders

(Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu)

A two-week program in China to help educators start or strengthen their institution's Chinese programs and partnerships. Highlights include school visits, cultural activities, meeting with Chinese educators, interacting with local Chinese students, parents, and US K-12 students studying Chinese in China. Leaders from K-12 schools are invited to apply for this unique educational trip to China as guests of The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.

Beijing 6/21 - 6/22
Leave for Beijing

Wuhan 6/23 - 6/25
6/23: Arrive in Wuhan.
6/24: Attend the Opening Ceremony of the Wuhan Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship. Development Convention
Visit to the Wuhan Optical Valley Experimental School.
Visit to the Middle School Affiliated with Central China University of Science and Technology.
6/25: Chinese cultural day – visit to the Yellow Crane Tower (a national treasure) and the Hubei Provincial Museum.

Chongqing 6/26 - 6/27
6/26: Visit to the High School Affiliated to Southwest University.
6/27: Meet with officials of Chongqing Foreign Affairs Office.
Chinese cultural day – Visit the ancient Fishing Town, and cruise along the Yangtzi River for a night view of the “Mountain City”.

Chengdu 6/28 - 6/29
6/28: Visit to the Wenjiang Middle School, meet with the leaders of the District School Board. Attend and present in US Education seminar, direct interact with its teachers and students.
6/29: Meet with the Deputy Director of Chengdu Education Bureau and build collaborate relationship with Wenjiang Education Bureau.
Chinese cultural day – Visit to the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base, cultural and historical neighborhood in Chengdu.

Beijing 6/30 - 7/04
6/30: Meet with the director and officials of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal, Beijing Education Bureau, district school board, and principals of several Beijing middle schools.
7/01: Meet with the leaders from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State, exchange gift and then luncheon.
Visit Haidian District Teacher Training School Affiliated Experimental School and have seminar with the Haidian District Education Commission.
7/02:Visit The Kindergarten Affiliated with the Beijing Normal University, and gain a understanding about China's early childhood education. Continue visit to the Beijing Children Activity Center located in Xicheng District. Understand how Chinese kids develop their interest in arts, music and dance.
7/03:Visit the Great Wall, Huairou County International Village and attend activities taking place there. Shop for souvenirs and traditional Chinese arts and crafts at the famous shopping arena - Wangfujing Street.
7/04: Tour of The Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. Meet with US K-12 students who study Chinese in Beijing in Sino Language summer camp.

Home 7/05
Leave Beijing for your next destination or head back to sweet home.