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Sino Language (SLG) is established by American and Chinese professionals in 2003 to promote cultural and educational exchange for young people between China and the rest of the world.

Video Competition On TV

We are grateful that all sessions of 2009 summer camp have ended successfully in the shadow of swine flu outbreak. To celebrate Sino Language's 7th remarkable year and to continue our effort of bringing the best China experience to worldwide youth, a video competition "My China Experience" will be broadcasted on KMT32 TV station in the Bay Area in the Fall of 2009.

Purpose: Understand, accept, and appreciate a different culture is a crucial component of the cherished tradition of American education. Travel abroad broaden and deepen students' educational experience. "My China Experience" video competition on TV is designed to encourage appreciation of Chinese culture, discovery of shiny, tiny things in students' trip to China, and reward those whose talents never fail to impress audience.

You are invited to to share your China experience by submitting a short video with photos and a story.

Event Organizers:

Sino Language World Channel TV China Press (North America)

Deadline: 11/05/2009. Videos received before 10/20/09 will receive special awards sponsored by SFSU Confucius Institute.

Video Submission: 1) Upload video to (login email:, password: chinavideo) AND email to info required on Entry Form, OR 2) Mail a DVD and the Entry Form to Sino Language Gateway, P.O.Box 23634, San Jose, CA 95153.

Acceptable File Format: common video format such as .avi, .mov, or .mpg.

Participant: Sino Language program participants of any year, or anyone who is 25 years old or younger and visited China at least once in your life

Entering Qualification: consists of video, photo, music, painting, cartoon, or text. Photo and video must originally shot in China. Music, painting, cartoon, or text maybe added to enhance the photo or video.

Length: 1-2 minutes
Contents: 1. Opening 2. Subject matter 3. Ending
Competition piece may include as many Themes and Presenting Methods listed below as desired, but must include at least one Theme and one Presenting Method to enter the competition.
Theme: city, people, life, culture, place, differences / similarities, interesting findings
Presenting Method: voiceover, subtitle, serious, humor, funny, cool

Prize: To promote videos of high quality, Sino Language selects the best works, and awards them with prizes. Prizes include
1st prize: iPod touch or e-English/Chinese dictionary + IQChinese courseware (total value $500)
2nd prize: iPod nano or e-English/Chinese dictionary + IQChinese courseware (total value $350)
3rd prize: IQChinese courseware (value $200)
All prize-winners will receive photography book "Landscapes of China" (value $120) sponsored by Anne Xu, Gold and Silver medals winner of China Photographic Art Exhibition and Int'l Photographic Salons All participants win Participation Awards (value $30) sponsored by The Confucius Institute of SFSU

Media Exposure: Videos of the top 3 winners will be broadcasted on Photos of the top 3 winners will be published on China Press (if your video consists of photos).

Selection Criteria: In making their selections, judges look for

  • Positive thinking
  • Originality
  • Impact the trip brought to the student
  • Creativity
  • Visual impact
  • Visual art elements

Watch a sample video: click here for a video made by a U.S. high school student. You could make a better one! (Note: the .wmv file here is for demo purpose only. The competition does not accept video in .wmv)

Need help? Only have photos? No problem. click here for instructions of making photo-movie and adding music.

Watch the shows:

3 ways you may watch our TV shows local and international.

  • 1. Turn on your TV (at Air Time below)
  • 2. Turn on your computer. Visit or and watch live video and chat with other
         viewers from all over the world (at Air Time below)
  • 3. Turn on your computer. Visit or and watch recorded video anytime.


Comcast cable TV: KMTP32 6:30pm-7:00pm
Digital32.2 or 33.2: 10:30pm, Next Day: 6:30am,10:30am, 2:30pm

Show Schedule:

1st show: Introduction of SLG (8/26/09) Watch it
2nd show: Introduction of the "My China Experience" video competition (9/01/09)Watch it
3rd show: Ways Chinese educators involve in the event (10/21/09) Watch it
4th show: Preliminary Contest (1) (10/28/09)  Watch it
5th show: Preliminary Contest (2) (11/11/09)  Watch it
6th show: Preliminary Contest (3) (11/18/09)  Watch it
7th show: Preliminary Contest (4) (12/16/09)  Watch it
8th show: Final Contest (12/23/09)  Watch it
Photo Exhibit & A Get-together: 01/09-1/10, 2010 Watch it